Franco Fasoli Project: MURAL

November 16, 2018

Press Release

One of the main characteristics of Franco Fasoli's work is exploration on a material level and scale. From large format paintings in public spaces to small works in bronze or paper, the oscillation of contexts and resources is the nutrient that fuels his work. The tension between the global dominant culture, and sub-cultures as a space of resistance, has been present in Fasoli’s subject matter on a conceptual level, as well as in his actions throughout his career. The multiple forms of identity, both individual and collective, are the backbone of Fasoli’s sociological influence. Represented through conflict, confrontation, and discursive juxtaposition, Fasoli does not intend to answer the question, but rather to constantly redesign the proposal, questioning the question and himself again.

Franco Fasoli graduated from the National School of Ceramics and the Higher Institute of Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was trained in Set Design. Outside the formal academic field, he carried out painting workshops with Jose Marchi and Nahuel Vecino. He has also participated in a work clinic with Diana Aisemberg.

An opening for Project: MURAL with the artist will take place at LaCa Projects on Friday, November 16 at 7:00 PM.

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