Augsburger Allgemeine

October 7, 2017 (Wertingen, Germany) - Five years ago, three women dared to step into artistic freedom: Ursula Maria Echl, Burga Endhardt, and Barbara Mahler took advantage of that time. They moved into what was formerly a factory building on the Zusam river canal (hence the name KuK, Kunstschule am Kunstkanal, or Art School on the Art Canal) and brought more color into Wertinger, Bavaria life - with oil paint, sound-color, and moody blues. The latter refers to the sometimes curious performances on "Blue Monday", where secret artists can showcase their poems, pictures, music, or voice to an audience in an intimate setting.

Many ideas, projects, and collaborations have been successfully implemented by these women since their beginning five years ago in the "KuK". As a so-called "mentor artist", Barbara Mahler introduced a new teaching method from Canada: the LTTA (Learning Through The Arts, Learning by the Arts). Mayor Willy Lehmeier supports the educational concept as well as the varied cultural offerings. It was not without reason that the KuK was certified by the LJKE (Landesverband der Jungendkunstschulen und Kulturpadagogischen Einrichtungen, or National Association of Youth Art Schools and Cultural Education Institutions). 

Anyone who is not familiar with them will have the opportunity to experience the creative women's trio live next weekend. The painter, the musician, and the performer have been presenting a fascinating program for five years. In "Orpheus Investigated”, Barbara Mahler presents an experimental shade theater. For this, she will bring Patrik Lumma, from the Bamberger "Theater des Staunens” (Theater of Amazement), to Wertingen to reinforce her performance.

An aria evening of the "Primadonna Furiosa" with Ursula Maria Echl (Mezzosoprano) and Carola Bach (soprano, Theater Augsburg) promises to be "charming to grant". The two singers of Ingeborg Purucker will be accompanied by piano.

And Burga Endhardt has also joined with Eduardo Cardozo, a friend and painter from Uruguay. The two paintings and works on paper demonstrate the theme "cerca". The title means, translated from Spanish, “nearby” or “close". This may refer to the approach taken in the works, as well as to a similar way of thinking or the conceptualization of art.

Art - it is the counterpart to the everyday world, where action is determined by purpose and yield. In the “Kuk" everybody can live in his inner world.

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