Charlotte Viewpoint

Latin American Contemporary Art Projects off of Bryant Road in South End has gathered an all-star cast of Latin American artists that have exhibited there in the past for the second large-scale collaborative exhibition in the gallery's three-year history, Collective IIThe exhibit features works from 14 artists, spread through the concrete and drywall of the expansive LaCa Projects building. Running through June 4, 2016, Collective II is a celebration of both LaCa’s third anniversary and of the wealth of incredible and diverse artwork from associated contemporary artists, including Carlos Estévez (Cuba), Juan Dolhare (Argentina), Vicente Hernández (Cuba), Ricardo “El Chino” Morales (Costa Rica), Alicia de la Campa (Cuba), Otto Apuy (Costa Rica), Cristina Toro (Puerto Rico), Juan Carlos Verdial (Cuba) and Leandro Manzo (Argentina) Luis Ardila (Colombia) and Rosalia Torres-Weiner (Mexico). This show goes to great lengths to demonstrate the wide variety of conceptual platforms Latin American artists take while highlighting strong individual aesthetics and modes of artistic communication.

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