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LaCa Projects, which stands for Latin American Contemporary Art, was founded nearly three years ago by an Argentinean businessman, Walter Dolhare, who was born and raised in Argentina but moved to the United States at age 20 on a tennis scholarship and has lived in this country for the last 30 years. As a lifelong art collector, he wanted to open an art gallery that would highlight the positive things about Latin American culture, and change the way people think about this important part of the Charlotte community that’s continuing to grow.

“He has had very interesting experiences growing up in Argentina then coming to the United States and going to college,” says Neely Verano, LaCa Projects Gallery Director. “He became more proud and passionate of his Latin American roots but realized there’s still a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes about Latin Americans. He understands pretty keenly both sides of the coin, and is very passionate about Latin American art.”

LaCa Projects is a traditional commercial gallery that rotates shows every 8-12 weeks, with a great breadth and depth of artists that range from emerging to master level artists. The shows also have a wide range of style, medium, aesthetic, and movement.

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