Fourteen 30 Contemporary

Portland, OR - Fourteen30 Contemporary is thrilled to present Epochal Aeration, or, The Slow Hand, a group exhibition curated by Trinie Dalton and featuring Sarah Braman, Sam Falls, Pearl C. Hsiung, Dorothy Iannone, Johanna Jackson, Xylor Jane, Chris Johanson, Elisabeth Kley, JP Munro, Cristina Toro and Hush Arbors. The exhibition runs November 5 – December 30, 2017, with an Opening Reception Sunday, November 5, 11am – 1pm. The Opening Reception will feature music by Hush Arbors.

Celebrating honey-slow making processes: object focus on handmade laborious, thematic focus on evoking empowered physical joy through flora/fauna, losing anthropocentricity through commune with nature via high-fives to abjection. Idyllic slow fermenting and fomenting of time as definitions of beauty in abjection. This exhibition is inspired by bees (honey), as well as a print that Dorothy Iannone gifted Dalton called Flora and Fauna. So there is a bit of tribute exhibition embedded in it, to Anthophila Apoidea and Dorothy Iannone, in equal combination. Call to artists to make something slow and tiny, in conversation with flora/fauna. Or else, borrow something slow and tiny, with flora/fauna influence.

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