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By Carmen Westra

New York artist Cristina Toro’s massive, and wonderfully busy new series “Strike a Match to Hear My Sound” can now be found on display at LaCa Projects.

Having grown up in Puerto Rico before moving to the States at a young age, Cristina Toro says much of her inspiration stems from her childhood. She’s been showing her work since she was 23, and she and her work found their way to LaCa through some of her familial connections in Charlotte. Toro, whose interest in plant life is reflected in most of her body of work, now resides in upstate New York with her husband. There, she continues to find inspiration in the natural world around her—she recalls a furious summer storm (and it’s accompanying lightning) in particular.

Her largest piece featured, ‘Without Exception Everything is Reflected in this Mirror”, took her a year to complete, and serves as the foundational work for the entire series.

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