Angel Gabriel studied Architecture, where he began to be more actively interested in drawing and painting. In that context he produced his first works and in 2005 he participated in the National Painting Salon of the Palais de Glace. The following year he participated in his first collective exhibition at the Rozemblum Foundation. A few years later, he enrolled in the work analysis workshop dictated by Tulio de Sagistizábal. In 2012 he made his first individual exhibition in the Honeycomb Space 361, in which he presented a set of paintings and five slate panels that formed a six-meter-long wall drawn in chalk. In 2013 he participated in the international fair Just Mad (Madrid). In 2014, Gabriel was part of the workshop “A museum on the side of the road” taught by Marcelo Pombo at the Art Institute of the University of Tella.

Influenced by naturalistic drawing, morphology and geometry, Gabriel's drawings represent beings, organisms and galaxies that descend directly from his psyche forming a personal and unique “corpus mundi” that refers us to the origin of this and other universes. In 2014 he was invited by the Recoleta Cultural Center, for the occasion he presented a light sound installation made of different construction materials. In 2015 he was selected in the PAC Project where he also made a collective exhibition. He was also selected in the Itau (palace de glace) award and in the same year he presented his Collection of jewels and ornaments. He participated in different clinics with Ernesto Ballesteros and José Luis Landet. During 2018 he presented “Pathos”, his fourth individual show, at Fundación el Mirador.

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