Collective celebrates LaCa Projects' two-year anniversary and showcases an outstanding sample of works by artists featured at LaCa's Gallery since its inception in 2013. This show represents some of the best examples of Latin American artwork and presents styles and aesthetics for every taste.

Latin American Contemporary Art Projects, or LaCa, was founded in March 2013 with a bold vision of becoming an international resource for contemporary Latin American art and culture. Since its inception, LaCa has featured more than a dozen artists, ranging from emerging to established and Master level, in ten exhibitions that have varied significantly in styles, movements, and mediums. 

Through these presentations, LaCa Projects fulfills its mission to present superior examples of art that broadly exemplify the rich and influential art originating from Latin American artists and also which challenge existing perceptions of Latin American art. Artists featured in Collective include Roberto Márquez (Mexico), Cristina Toro (Puerto Rico), Leandro Manzo (Argentina), Jeannine Marchand (Puerto Rico), Vicente Hernández (Cuba), Juan Carlos Verdial (Cuba), Alicia de la Campa (Cuba), Santiago Quesnel (Argentina), Juan Dolhare (Argentina), Otto Apuy (Costa Rica), and Ricardo “Chino” Morales (Costa Rica).

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