Juan Dolhare: Poetics of Erratic Materialism

March 21 – May 2, 2013

Press Release

Poetics itself, as a literary discipline, is not attached to a purely linguistic or conceptual pose, nor is it attached to a purely aesthetic pose. It does not work as a story or as a static definition, but rather, the concept of triggering new ways of aperture, and revealing substance.

Poetics of erratic materialism is an installation that speaks to us as observers, and that which does not reveal nature but creates a magical, contradictory, and romantic vision of the world and history, built through sacred images, objects and popular saints. This series demonstrates Dolhare’s works in static images and with some religious marginality. Poetics of erratic materialism steps into an idiosyncrasy that makes sacred what is pagan and turns everyday objects into massive objects of desire. In doing so, Dolhare searches in the symbolic, romantic and pop narratives, seeking the evasive answer that explains existence.

Dolhare believes in the power of lies implicated in every big story or historic narrative, and also believes in artistic construction of narratives as an existential truth. His process of working could be defined as pop-surrealist, or as he calls it, surrealist-sacred-populist. Dolhare’s works are in private collections in Argentina, Spain, Nigeria, Scotland, and the United States.

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