Santiago Quesnel

born 1975, Argentina


Santiago Quesnel

Based in Buenos Aires, Santiago Quesnel is an emerging artist inspired by his upbringing in the pampas of rural Argentina, where he spent his time surrounded by lush topography that ultimately fostered his fascination with creations drawn from pictorial memory. Quesnel’s initial pursuit of film-making in college led to his exploration of painting, and his creations of unusual landscapes that emit a sublime but strange aura, and dually implying a sense of loneliness mixed with divine or human presence. 

Quesnel, educated at Universidad de Buenos Aires, studied alongside Jorge Dermigian and Héctor Destefanis, and participated in work clinics with Tomas Espina and Fabián Burgos. He has had solo exhibitions at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, the Galeria Jardin Oculto, the Galeria Bacano, La Casa de Tucumán, and the LUX Art Institute (California) and his work can be found in private collections in France, England, the United States, Argentina and Uruguay. Quesnel is an active participant in critic seminars and children’s art instruction in Buenos Aires.

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